New Directions in Population Health Research: Linking theory, ethics, and practice

November 12, 2008

Health disparities between populations, whether defined by socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, age or place, remain stubbornly resistant to change. Developing effective strategies to reduce these health disparities requires collaboration between researchers, communities, policy makers and practitioners. 

In keeping with this sentiment, SPHERU researchers Tom McIntosh and Shanthi Johnson co-sponsored with the Community and Population Health Research (CPHR) training program a national conference in Regina, November 12-14, 2008, that explored recent innovations and existing or emerging trends in population health research and practice as they relate to reducing health disparities for particular communities or populations.

New Directions in Population Health Research
New Directions in Population Health Research

The objective of the conference was to provide an opportunity for academic and community researchers, policy makers and practitioners to highlight the current state of population health research in Canada and abroad. 

More than 200 delegates participated, representing communities, academia, international organizations, government, and other interested stakeholders, came together to discuss the current state of population health. Presenters highlighted ongoing research and emerging trends in population health research and practice. With a focus on new researchers, the sessions included a number of student presentations, providing exposure and experience for those beginning their academic careers.

The presentations and papers were published in an edited volume, Population Health Research in Canada: New Directions and New Voices, by the Canadian Plains Research Centre, in 2010.

The event was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, the University of Regina, and the University of Saskatchewan.

Conference information

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