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SPHERU Publications
Abonyi, Sylvia 
Bacsu, Juanita 
Daschuk, Jim 
DeSantis, Gloria 
Engler-Stringer, Rachel 
Hackett, Paul 
Hamilton, Colleen 
  • An Overview of Healthy Aging Strategies in Rural and Urban Canada
    In Canada, the rural population is aging faster than their urban counterpart. As people age, their needs increase for services such as home support and care to age in place. As policy makers, researchers, and community leaders work to address the needs of the aging rural demographic, information on healthy aging frameworks and interventions from different jurisdictions can offer innovative alternatives.
  • Community Health Indicators Toolkit, August 2010 (2nd Edition)
    Jeffery, B., Abonyi, S., Hamilton, C., Lidguerre, T., Michayluk, F., Throassie, E., Anthony, B., Bird, S., Denechezhe, M., Thomas, L., Whitecap, Z. (2010). Community Health Indicators Toolkit. University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.
Jeffery, Bonnie 
Johnson, Shanthi 
Macqueen Smith, Fleur 
Martz, Diane 
McIntosh, Tom 
McMullin, Kathleen 
Muhajarine, Nazeem 
Neudorf, Cory 
Novik, Nuelle 
Oosman, Sarah 
Petrucka, Pammla 
Ridalls, Tracy 
Sari, Nazmi 
Todd, Tara 
Tran, Carolyn 
Wilyman, Kylee