History of Health in Saskatchewan: An Interactive Timeline

Around the time of its creation as a Canadian province, Saskatchewan was described as "the healthiest jurisdiction in the British Empire."  Nowadays, though, we are well aware that health in Saskatchewan is very unevenly distributed.  It varies greatly by geography, locality, race, gender, and socio-economic status.

How has our history, our past decisions and choices, had an impact on the health of different populations in the province?  That is a question that SPHERU's History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline is attempting to answer.

By combining historical data with key political, economic and social events, the timeline demonstrates how the health of different populations has changed over time depending on the consequences of past actions (or inactions) and relative to other socio-economic indicators.

Our goal is to continue to build the timeline to be a valuable resource and tool for teachers, researchers and interested residents to explore the uneven distribution of health across Saskatchewan.  It is still under active development, with lots of data, events and issues needed to be filled in, and SPHERU would like to solicit feedback and input into the timeline's contents.

You can explore the timeline through the link below:
History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline

If you have feedback on what's already there, suggestions for what should be there, or photos, data or other information that might be relevant to helping us build the timeline, we encourage youto email us at SPHERU.timeline@uregina.ca

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