Tools 2 – Community health and wellness indicators reflecting daily life in Saskatchewan's isolated far North: Implications for program planning and evaluation

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

Sylvia Abonyi, PhD (Principal Investigator)
Bonnie Jeffery, PhD (Co-principal Investigator)

This project builds on our previous work on the First Nation’s Health Development project, from which a conceptual framework that reflects northern Saskatchewan Aboriginal views of health community was created. For this study, five northern Saskatchewan communities are pursuing a more detailed study of their community health framework, applying the Community Health Indicators Toolkit developed in the earlier project. The approach is collaborative and grounded in community-identified priorities.

Goals / Outcomes: The study asks the questions “How healthy is our community?” and “Why would we want to measure that?” in three domains: food security; identity and culture; and housing. To answer the first question, indicator information has been compiled and quantitative analysis of this data conducted to produce health profiles for each of the five communities in the identified domain areas. For the second question, we have taken an ethnographic approach, visually and orally exploring a year in the life of the community participants in the three domain areas.

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health)

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