Community collaboration to improve health care access of northern residents

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

Bonnie Jeffery, PhD (Co-Investigator)

In collaboration with the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University, this project looked at ways of improving access to health care for northern residents.  The study, led by Dr. Robert Annis, took place in participating communities in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where focus groups and interviews explored the experiences of northern residents in accessing health care services.  The project focused on finding ways to use these experiences to influence the design and delivery of health care services to northern residents, and on developing a forum for engaging discussions with residents and health care organizations.  SPHERU undertook the study in northern Saskatchewan in partnership with the Athabasca Health Authority and the Mamawetan-Churchill River Regional Health Authority (MCRRHA).

Goals / Outcomes: A key goal of the project was to create a forum for dialogue involving community residents, community organizations, health-related organizations, health service providers, health authorities and others interested in access issues.  In April 2008 a two-day inter-provincial workshop brought together community leaders, residents, health service providers and policy makers from both Saskatchewan and Manitoba to discuss barriers to northern health care access and possible solutions.  Along with the workshop report, SPHERU also distributed reports of findings from the Saskatchewan interviews and focus groups back to the participating communities and health authorities.

Funder: Canadian Institutes for Health Research (Institute of Aboriginal People's Health)

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