Community Voices: Building a foundation for the future

Last Updated: February 3, 2014

Bonnie Jeffery, PhD (Principal Investigator)

This project involved collaboration between SPHERU researchers and the Rosetown Regional Family and Community Support Services (RRFCSS) to conduct a comprehensive community assessment. The multi-method project involved an environmental scan, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and a community dialogue night, held to share study findings with the public and encourage collective discussion of community strengths, challenges and future directions for Rosetown.  Funded by RRFCSS and the MITACS-Accelerate Graduate Research Internship Program, the project supported a research mentoring opportunity for Carolyn Tran, a University of Regina Faculty of Social Work master's student, under the supervision of Juanita Bacsu and Dr. Bonnie Jeffery.

Goals/Outcomes: The study had two main objectives: 1) To identify strengths and challenges of community supports and services in Rosetown; and 2) To identify local solutions and prioritize future directions to support the continued growth of Rosetown. The project resulted in the development of three reports: an environmental scan of Rosetown; a toolkit documenting the project's methods and approaches; and a final report summarizing the research findings. Innovative strategies were used to facilitate effective knowledge translation throughout the project.

Funders:  Rosetown Regional Family and Community Support Services (RRFCSS) and MITACS-Accelerate

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