Exploring Emotional and Mental Healthcare Supports for Seniors in Rural Saskatchewan

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

Nuelle Novik, PhD (Lead Investigator)

This one-year project will examine the emotional and mental healthcare needs of older adults in rural Saskatchewan, to find out how seniors that feel isolated, who experience mental health issues, or who are dealing with grief and loss, are able to cope and stay connected to their communities. We will collaborate with seniors and those that work with, or support, seniors living in small towns and rural areas to learn about what helps rural older adults feel connected.

The community-based research (CBR) study will focus on Sunrise Health Region in Saskatchewan and include people who live in and around Preeceville and Norquay, as well as those in areas around Ituna and Melville.

Goals / Outcomes: To understand the emotional and mental healthcare needs of rural seniors; to understand what social and emotional supports are currently available to rural seniors; and to learn about how to more effectively work with rural seniors in conducting research and gathering ideas. As a means of communicating with its partners, the project is producing a newsletter.

Funder: Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Red Cross

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