kidSKAN – Early Years Knowledge to Action Network: Linking community, university and government for child health and wellbeing

Last Updated: December 20, 2012

Nazeem Muhajarine, PhD (Co-Principal Investigator)
  (Co-Principal Investigator)

In late 2007, Saskatoon’s Understanding the Early Years project co-led by Sue Delanoy of Communities for Children and SPHERU’s Nazeem Muhajarine wrapped up. To continue the work on examining and improving the social environments in which young children are being raised, the Saskatchewan Knowledge to Action Network (kidSKAN) for early childhood development (ECD) was launched.

Along with Muhajarine and Delanoy, the project has included SPHERU researchers Diane Martz (Co-Principal Investigators) and Fleur Macqueen Smith (Co-Investigator), and Steven Whitehead of Saskatoon Public Health Observatory (Co-Principal Investigator).

An initiative focused on improving the health and wellbeing of children, kidSKAN is a provincial network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers in academia, government and the community with an interest in early childhood development in Saskatchewan.

Goals / Outcomes: The aim is to take what was primarily a Saskatoon-based knowledge-to-action ECD research network to one that has greater relevance provincially. Operating both as a traditional network as well as an online community, kidSKAN has hosted public events, and its website stays tuned to research, reports, news and the latest ECD information, its YouTube channel offers videos about ECD work and people within kidSKAN, and an electronic newsletter keeps the community in tune with the work that is happening.

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research Knowledge to Action Grant